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  • Immigration

    Innovating to Enhance Dialogues on Migration Policies and Practices – INNOVATE

    The INNOVATE research consortium will focus on strengthening the interaction between migration research and migration policy.

  • Food chain

    CHOICE: Mainstream mitigation pathways for a climate-conscious change in the food chain

    CHOICE aspires to mainstream Integrated Assessment Models, embedding them into the lifestyle choices and decision making process of consumers, producers and other actors of the Food, Agriculture and Land Use sectors.

  • Plant grows out of money

    Understanding, measuring, and applying sustainability preferences

    This project provides insight into the drivers of ESG preferences, how they could be measured, and what this implies for applications in asset management and prices.

  • Logo Global Data Lab

    Global Data Lab

    The Global Data Lab (GDL) is an independent data and research center at Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University. GDL has built one of the largest existing databases for LMICs.

  • Protestbord Climate Action Now. Afbeelding van Filmbetrachter van Pixabay

    Achieving High-Integrity Voluntary Climate Action (ACHIEVE)

    The ACHIEVE research project will identify opportunities to strenghten and scale up voluntary climate action, to achieve a worldwide net-zero society by 2050.

  • Politics

    Handbook of Environmental Political Theory in the Anthropocene

    Machin and Wissenburg oversee the composition and editing of some 40 chapters by 50-60 renowned authors in environmental political theory and related disciplines for a handbook that will be published by Edward Elgar in late 2023 or early 2024.

  • IO BIO

    The IO BIO Project provides an open access online biographical dictionary with short biographies of Secretaries-General (SGs), or other executive heads with different titles, of International Organizations (IOs).

  • Cut-off Saw Cutting Metal With Sparks

    Innovation and Production Benchmark

    Based on the results of the European Manufacturing Survey (EMS), the Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at the Institute for Management Research can make such a comparison

  • Nijmegen Sint-Stevenskerk

    VIA Participatietraject Nijmegen (VIA participation process)

    This project sought to understand how the VIA participation process in the Municipality of Nijmegen contributes to higher levels or participation in society through work, both voluntary and paid.

  • Manufacturing Plant during daytime

    European Manufacturing Survey

    The European Manufacturing Survey (EMS) aims to map the innovativeness of the manufacturing industry in various European countries and beyond.

  • Modern backhoe ploughing agricultural field

    Synergizing Sustainability

    This project aims to better understand how policy-making for agricultural development in the Sahel results in synergies, as well as frictions and trade-offs between different development goals, such as agricultural development and food security.

  • Smeltend ijs


    WorldTrans will use system dynamics methods and modelling to deal transparently with multiscale issues and policy response options. The team will work to “bridge the gaps” between models, experts, and user communities.

  • Mensen op het strand


    What are the trajectories, infrastructures, and diplomacies that shape the EU’s governance of return migration? What are the effects and human rights costs of this return governance?

  • Urban city

    Transgressing ‘good’ cities

    The project will investigate the implications of colonial legacies in (re)defining people’s experience and engagement of public spaces.

  • Lamp met hand


    The research project investigates the social, technical and societal dimensions of a just and effective energy transition, from carbon-based to renewable energy practices.

  • Lopende mensen

    Democratic innovations & populism: For better or worse?

    This project of Dr Kristof Jacobs investigates the effects of democratic innovations (e.g. citizen-initiated referendums, participatory budgeting and citizens’ assemblies) on populist citizens.

  • Visserij


    The N-SAFE project examines the newly emerging role played by non- governmental organisations (NGOs) as they partner with governments around the world in the global fight against illegal fishing.

  • Vluchtelingen welkom

    Tracing Syrian Refugee Return Dynamics across South/North Divides

    This multidisciplinary project examines the connections between European return decisions.

  • Samenwerking aan tafel

    (De)legitimation and international order

    In this project, with funding by the GLOCAL hotspot, we are constructing a new dataset on the (de)legitimation of international order that will allow us to close these conceptual and empirical gaps.

  • Wereldbol in hand

    Constructing Neoclassical Realism

    This project seeks to explore and critically reflect on the politics of contemporary neoclassical realist (NCR) theorising in International Relations.