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  • Martijn en Henk bij elektriciteitscentrale

    EXPLORE. EXPerimentaL gOvernance for the Regional Energy transition

    Project EXPLORE includes novel insights into the performance of participation and governance models, the potential role of participatory modelling in regional energy transitions and in real-life experiments.

  • Construction - GS4S project

    Global Strategy for Skills, Migration, and Development (GS4S)

    GS4S seeks to better understand global skills shortages in selected sectors and strengthens evidence-based policies through new evidence on various overlooked global mobility schemes.

  • Nijmegen Sint-Stevenskerk

    VIA Participatietraject Nijmegen (VIA participation process)

    This project sought to understand how the VIA participation process in the Municipality of Nijmegen contributes to higher levels or participation in society through work, both voluntary and paid.

  • Urban city

    Transgressing ‘good’ cities

    The project will investigate the implications of colonial legacies in (re)defining people’s experience and engagement of public spaces.

  • Lamp met hand


    The research project investigates the social, technical and societal dimensions of a just and effective energy transition, from carbon-based to renewable energy practices.

  • Natuur in Nederland


    The aim of the project is to develop tangible ways in which to transition to climate resilient management of soil and water within agriculture and natural areas in the sandy areas of the Netherlands.

  • foto van onderzoeksproject

    Infrastructuring Libraries in Transformation (ILIT)

    ILIT examines how public libraries in Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands as socio-cultural infrastructures address systemic challenges in rapidly transforming societies.

  • foto van project

    Moving MarketPlaces (MMP)

    The Moving MarketPlaces (MMP) project investigates the role of ambulant traders in the everyday production of inclusive public spaces in Europe.

  • fontein project foto

    BENIGN: BluE and greeN Infrastructure desiGned to beat the urbaN heat

    BENIGN aims to investigate how blue and green infrastructure can be employed in urban areas to create healthy living conditions.

  • Migrant working in a crucial sector

    Migrants in the Front Line

    An interdisciplinary team is examining both the effects that coronavirus measures are having on migrant workers who work in key sectors and the opportunities that the coronavirus crisis has offered for improving the protection of migrant workers.