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  • Kinderen zitten op een trap met hun smartphone in hun handen

    SOCIAL: Social Online Connectedness in Adolescents' Lives

    Some adolescents feel more lonely because of their social media use, while others feel more connected to others. In what context does what apply, when, and to whom?

  • Onderzoeksproject

    The Full Spectrum of ADHD in Adult Relationships

    We will investigate both the positive and negative effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on adult social relationships, including romantic partners and friends, from a dyadic perspective.

  • Healthy student life

    Healthy Student Life - PhD project

    Healthy Student Life is a Radboud-wide research project on student well-being.

  • Lightbulb image

    The cognitive development of young children in relation to digital media

    The goal of this project is to gain insight into how digital media use, key persons and children's individual dispositions affect children's cognitive development.

  • Schilderij van mensen in een bos

    Climate Conversation

    This project systematically studies interpersonal communication about climate change both quantitatively and qualitatively. It aims to define, evaluate, and intervene on climate conversation to promote climate action.

  • Robot


    QoLEAD harnesses the power of AI to deliver appropriate, warm, smart healthcare solutions in three core areas: health, safety, quality of care; social participation and social contact; autonomy, meaning, self-respect.

  • Logo Koersen op Kansengelijkheid

    Aiming for equality of educational opportunities

    In this project, it is explored how various educational actors address inequality of opportunities in education, and we investigate whether a 'serious policy game' can contribute to improved collaboration.

  • Brainstorm

    The Predictive Value of Brain Excitation Levels for Electrical Brain Stimulation

    This multi-site research project replicates the SHARP program and investigates the role of excitatory/inhibitory levels in the brain in the effectiveness of electrical stimulation for cognitive training.

  • Kind voor een krijtbord met wiskundige teksten

    The EMOTIV (EEG) project

    Investigating children's numerical development using the EMOTIV EPOC X headset in a school setting to enhance understanding and potential interventions for math-related challenges.

  • Persoon met smartphone

    Look Who’s Talking

    The main aim of this project is to create and field-test chatbots designed to develop and foster long-term engaging and human-like conversations with humans for two technologically and linguistically diverse domains.

  • Kat met zonnebril

    Cool @ School

    Financed with an ERC starting grant, project Cool @ School (CatS) contributes to a better understanding of how kids think about and respond to being (un)popular, and how it may shape their bullying behavior.

  • Interactieve virtual reality training

    This project examined the effects of virtual reality training on the socio-emotional functioning of adolescents diagnosed with developmental language disorders.

  • two people holding each other with rainbows painted on them

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    This projets aims to answer the question how entertainment media narratives can influence people’s openness towards underrepresented groups, specifically the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Chatbot Usability

    In this project, we seek to identify the key characteristics that influence users' interactions with chatbots. Specifically, we examine the impact of Emotional Interaction.

  • Culture and health communication

    This PhD project investigates whether, how, and for whom messages with cultural elements are effective in mass-mediated health campaigns among Turkish-Dutch citizens.

  • Artificial intelligence: there are problems we need to address right now, the rest is science fiction


    The project investigates the degree of automation by AI by checking which tasks in the schools are outsourced to generative AI.

  • somebody looking trough a telescope while thinking of a webpage


    Our team at the 'Adaptive Learning Lab research group at Radboud University in Nijmegen and the National Education Lab AI (NOLAI) investigates how to enhance and stimulate self-regulated learning during essay writing in secondary education.

  • Mindfulness in Close and Romantic Relationships

    In this project, we examine the various ways in which mindfulness can affect our social relationships with others. The research shows that mindfulness's effects extend far beyond the individual.

  • Image of news, and people writing

    Digital Resilience Amidst Social Media Polarisation

    This project aims to develop a digital media literacy program to overcome affective polarization in Indonesia.

  • Image of a lighthouse

    Flora Lighthouse

    The Flora Lighthouse project inspires how AI-driven teaching innovations can support student learning by providing tools for students to reflect on their learning.