PhD research Constantijn Burggraaf: De overheidscommissaris

2021 until 2025
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C.M.J. Burggraaf (Constantijn)
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Constantijn Burggraaf is working on a dissertation with the working title 'De overheidscommissaris'.

For fifty years, the "government commissioner" in all its manifestations has been the subject of debate. Over the past decades, the same criticisms have been repeatedly made, the government commissioner has been written off several times, and yet the government commissioner is the order of the day in a variety of situations and manifestations. The ongoing political and legal debate shows that the fate of the government commissioner remains unclear. In his research, Constantijn analyzes the practice and legal position of both commissioners of state participations and other manifestations of 'the government commissioner' and provides insight into the essence and potential of this high-profile legal figure. 

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  • C.M.J. Burggraaf (Constantijn)