PhD research Emiel Schipper: Cross-border assignment

2022 until 2027
Project member(s)
E.W. Schipper (Emiel)
Project type

Emiel Schipper is working on a dissertation with the working title 'Cross-border assignment'.

In cross-border assignments multiple legal systems come together. That raises questions on the applicable laws. In 2018 the European Commission published a proposal containing conflict rules on the third-party effects of assignment. This proposal aims to contribute to the internal market for the assignment of claims by providing clarity in the applicable law(s). However, in its current state, the Commission's proposal is not entirely clear and raises many questions on its own interpretation, its relation to the existing conflict-of-laws rules on assignment, and its effect on the internal market. This reasearch focusses on the proposal and the questions that it incites.  

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