PhD research Henk Oosterdijk: De positie van de professionele financier onder de WHOA

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H.P. Oosterdijk (Henk)
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Henk Oosterdijk is working on a dissertation with the working title 'De positie van de professionele financier onder de WHOA'.

The PhD research focuses on the position of the professional funder under the Homologation Private Agreement Act (WHOA). The study explores what that legal position is and how it can be changed outside cooperation of that funder in (the process preceding the homologation decision of) an out-of-court compulsory settlement agreement. The WHOA procedure is new and numerous questions that arise are not expressly provided for in the law. To the extent that the law does provide for regulations, the question arises as to their significance in the context of (secured) professional funders.



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