PhD research Lisa Markova: Anonymity and authenticity on online social media platforms

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Y. Markova (Yelyzaveta)
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Lisa Markova is working on a dissertation with the working title 'Anonymity and authenticity on online social media platforms'.

Social media go beyond providing online forum for communication and sharing ideas, raising important legal issues. One of the major aspects is online anonymity, which provides such benefits as preserving freedom of expression, access to information and privacy on the Internet. At the same time, anonymity poses a threat to the observance of the above-mentioned rights and freedoms, allowing the spread of disinformation, propaganda, hatred and violence, as well as the distribution of prohibited content. Therefore, the need to tolerate online anonymity is constantly being questioned. Authentication methods, such as email and phone verification, are emerging as solutions to address anonymity disadvantages, although they carry risks of unauthorized data collection and privacy violations.

Thus, a conflict can be observed between the right of social media users to express themselves anonymously and access information while maintaining their privacy, and the need to stop the spreading of illegal and harmful online content, which involves identifying and punishing violators. This research aims to find a balance that protects the right to anonymity without unfairly limiting efforts to combat illegal and harmful content on social media platforms.


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