Twee silhouetten van een man en een vrouw
Twee silhouetten van een man en een vrouw

Pluralistic Ignorance and the Sexual Double Standard

Examining the Role of Media in Establishing and Diminishing Biased Sexual Norms
1 August 2022 until 31 July 2028
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The sexual double standard (SDS) consists of stereotypical gendered norms and expectations that condemn female sexuality and approve of male sexuality. Despite increasing gender egalitarianism, the discrepancy in social acceptability between male and female sexuality persists, which negatively impacts men’s and women’s sexual agency. The persistence of SDS may reside in perceptions about general norms, instead of personal attitudes. In this project, we (1) explore the role of pluralistic ignorance in perpetuating SDS, (2) investigate the relationship between media consumption and SDS, and (3) test whether and how media interventions can reduce SDS.

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