Virus particle corona
Virus particle corona

Preclinical development of antiviral COVID medicine

Consortium of research department Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Radboud University and spin-offs Protinhi and Artemis
2023 until 2025
Project member(s)
Prof. F.P.J.T. Rutjes (Floris) M.R.B. Porzberg (Miriam)
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The Corona pandemic showed demonstrated how vulnerabilities in health systems can have profound implications for health. Therefore, it is essential mitigating the spread and infection rate of the virus. People still suffer from severe COVID-19 symptoms despite vaccination and drug treatment opportunities are still limited. 

In this project, research teams of Radboud University, Protinhi Therapeutics and Artemis Bioservices (spin-offs of IMM and based in Nijmegen) jump into this gap by developing innovative small-molecule medicines against coronaviruses. These medicines will target viral proteases, enzymes crucial for the replication of the virus once entered the human body. Furthermore, the studies will offer better preparation and responsiveness towards future coronavirus epidemics.



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