Logo of project vos.
Logo of project vos.

Project Veilig op School

The VOS research project focuses on classroom social climate, examining the influence of gut feelings of both children and teachers. In addition, class composition is also studied.

Every teacher has these questions from time to time. How do you know if a child is a good fit in the group and comfortable in their skin? How do you determine the best place in the classroom for each child? Do you ever have a gut feeling that something is going on in the atmosphere of the group, but can't quite put your finger on it? Do you recognise this and would like to know more about it? Then, take part in this research project!

Research project VOS is about the social climate in the classroom and focuses on questions like these. In this research, we specifically want to investigate how children's and teachers' gut feelings and the division of who sits next to whom contribute to the social climate. These topics can be relevant to all classes, as social climate plays a role in all classes and is part of the daily goings-on at school. 

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