Quality of Life by use of Enabling AI in Dementia

Dementia has a major impact on quality of life (QoL) with high experienced disease burden. Investment in technological innovations to better meet the individual needs of people with dementia PwD and carers is urgently needed in order to improve QoL and to significantly reduce not only the individual but also the societal burden of dementia. To date existing technological solutions have failed to address this challenge, due to three urgent problems: they are mostly one size fits all, technology pushed and not accessible due to an implementation gap. Vision of QoLEAD is to tackle these challenges by harnessing the learning and predictive power of AI to tailor interventions and to deliver warm smart care solutions with PwD themselves at the steering wheel to drive, focus, and support these innovations. User perspectives will determine the nature of the innovations to improve QoL in three groups of core domains: health, safety and quality of care; participation and social contact; autonomy, meaningfulness and self-esteem. To overcome the implementation gap QoLEAD will set up an open ecosystem of co-creation with existing field labs and Academic Collaboration Labs at its heart that will iteratively implement knowledge/innovations in practice and offers a learning environment on Dementia & Technology in a unique interdisciplinary collaborative network. The consortium emerged from the Joint AI Network (JAIN) and combines state-of-art AI technologies with dementia expertise. Ultimate impact of QoLEAD will be improved QoL with better togetherness, resilience and perseverance to optimally manage care and support along the patient journey.



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