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REFLECT for self-regulated learning

Comenius Teaching Fellowship
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Dr J. Vyrastekova (Jana)
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Reason behind this project

During the learning and developmental process that students go through at university, the focus is on the match. The preview and post-match review get much less attention. That is a shame, is what Jana Vyrastekova thinks. Because whoever skills themselves in all three layers, will profit for life. The university professor in Economic Theory and Policy develops the online tool REFLECT in order to teach students the intricacies of self-regulation.

Approach within the project

Under the name REFLECT, this project develops an online tool that helps students develop their self-regulation skills. Self-regulation has three phases.The first one is identifying and selecting your goals, committing yourself to them, and planning the relevant learning and working process. The second phase focuses on action, for example writing a paper. And in phase three you review the steps you have taken and the result you have achieved. In current education, the action phase receives the most attention. This causes students to study ad hoc.

By using REFLECT, students explicitly look back on their choices, approach, and results at different moments during the curriculum. By doing so, they actively get to know their interests, talents, and shortcomings. This makes them more self-conscious, better decision-makers, and it makes our education more interactive, personal, and relevant. The online tool can be implemented in all study years, courses, and even study programmes.

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