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Research on the intervention StudentinzetopSchool

An effect study aimed at the learning achievements of havo and vwo students, teachers’ perceived work pressures and university students’ desire to work as a teacher.

What is StudentinzetopSchool?

StudentinzetopSchool is a nationwide initiative where university students are being deployed in schools for secondary education to support students and teachers. For example, University students can help students with course work during lessons, or they can give additional instruction to students. 

To prepare university students for their deployment, they attend a three hour training by teacher educators from their university. 

Several non-profit initiatives, spread throughout the Netherlands, collaborate within StudentinzetopSchool. 

Why this research?

A collaboration of KBA Nijmegen, Expertisecentrum Nederlands and the Radboud University investigate StudentinzetopSchool as part of the research program ‘Effectmeting kansrijke interventies in het po en vo’.  This research program is set up by the NRO and focuses on 13 interventions that they have identified as promising to reduce the educational gap caused by the Corona pandemic. 

StudentinzetopSchool is one of the interventions that aims to improve the learning achievements of students. With this study, we want to investigate whether the deployment of a university student can indeed contribute positively towards the learning achievements of students and educational equity. 

We will also investigate whether the intervention has an effect on the perceived work pressure of teachers that deploy the university students, and on the desire of these university students to work as a teacher. 

Execution and aims of the investigation

The intervention will take place in at least 16 schools during the school year 2023-2024. During this year, university students will be deployed by their assigned teachers for two periods of 10 weeks, for four hours per week. In each intervention period, tasks performed by the university student will be related to one of two parallel classes taught by the teacher. Data will be collected from students, teachers and university students and analyzed during schoolyear 2024-2025. At the end of that school year, a research report will be published containing all the results of the investigation. These results will provide insight into the extent to which the aims of the intervention are achieved. 



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