Responsible digital technology selection and usage in schools

1 October 2022 until 1 October 2026
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The use of various generic technologies like social media, video-conferencing apps, content platform mediums like YouTube, Reddit and other social platforms is intermingling with more formal technologies like EdTech platforms within the school context. Various questions on what are the different intentions, choices and perceptions involved in selection of certain technologies for learning in a school context is raised. While, technology continues to take prominence in the school sphere, the values of privacy, independence, transparency and autonomy of the child must be reevaluated within this school context. Chandrima aims to delve deeper into these societal values and norms that maybe getting undermined through this process of technology selection by various stakeholders but primarily the schools, the teachers and the student. To this end, she uses interviews to identify the technology landscape in Dutch secondary schools and perform a literature analysis to identify ethical, technical and legal factors that are critical for technology usage in education, but might be overlooked. With her research she hopes to provide scientific insight to responsible technology selection and provide concrete recommendations to schools to employ policies that uphold the identified values and norms.

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  • C. Chattopadhyay (Chandrima)