Sabine Oertelt
Sabine Oertelt

Safety among doctors as a basis for more diverse medicine

TLC voucher project
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Prof. Oertelt, S. (Sabine) , Linda Modderkolk
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Sex and gender have a great influence on healthcare access, treatments, and the general state of public health. Yet, these factors are still neglected in biomedical study programmes. How can a safe atmosphere in education contribute to the implementation of sex- and gender-related topics in biomedical curricula?

Incorporating sex- and gender-sensitive topics in education for medical students requires an entirely new approach when it comes to supporting students in developing critical, self-reflective, and empathic skills involving those topics.

Previous research among students namely showed that there is an explicit need for safety when it comes to discussing sex- and gender-related topics in medicine. However, the way education is currently designed insufficiently facilitates a feeling of safety.

Desired solution

The goal of this voucher project is to develop a transformative education strategy in which medical students can learn more about psychosocial topics such as sex- and gender-sensitive medicine in a safe environment. The strategy is based on theory but focused on practice in which students' own experiences and position also play a role.

Action plan

To explore which role can be assigned to the factor of safety within a transformative educational setting, Sabine Oertelt-Prigione and Linda Modderkolk are organising a week-long Summer School for doctors, researchers, and entrepreneurs from different countries. During this week, it is observed and researched how ideas on the safety of doctors and patients are formed. Different research methods are used to design the workshops and group- and self-reflections. Participants are observed and interviewed. Focus groups and creative interventions are used as well. Based on this, the groundwork for a transformative education strategy is laid.


This project is funded by a TLC voucher from the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. This voucher programme aims to set up projects in the field of educational innovation, lecturer development and educational research.

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