Wandelend Park
Wandelend Park

Sit with a scientist in the 'Walking park'

Science videos of Radboud researchers in 'pop-up park' in city center Nijmegen

Near the Labyrinth at the Waalkade Nijmegen, there now is a ‘Walking Park’, with films featuring by Nijmegen scientists from Radboud University, among others.

The ‘Walking Park’ is a pop-up park that moves to a different spot in the city center every three months. The park is now located on the Waalkade, near the artwork Labyrinth.

Health & High Tech

The theme of the park is Health & High Tech. There are benches to enjoy the greenery and on the green boxes are QR codes that link to videos of Radboud scientists developing innovations in the field of Health & High Tech. Street art on the planters and benches focuses on biodiversity and innovative techniques.

Videos of Radboud researchers

The new video series "Sit with a Scientist" is connected to the pop-up park. The videos are short, accessible films in which researchers from Nijmegen tell what they are working on, and what impact this has on society. At this moment there are two videos on display in the park, the series will be completed with new videos in the coming months.

Prof. Jos Oomens: designer drugs (in Dutch)

Molecular researcher Jos Oomens explains how to map new designer drugs, allowing police to enforce them.

Dr. Eric Maris: muscles & balance (in Dutch)

Besides your eyes and your balance organ, your muscles also play an important role in maintaining your balance. Eric Maris studies this in his lab with a bicycle simulator.

Rosa Boone: Electronic 'nose' (in Dutch)

Can the smell of the soil tell us something about its health? Probably yes! Scents from bacteria and fungi in the soil are an indicator of soil diversity. Ecological researcher Rosa Boone explains how we can use these scents as a measure for soil health. 

Fabio Formisano: Energy-efficient data storage

Each day we use an enormous amount of data, which costs a lot of energy to be stored in big data centres. Can we make data storage more energy-efficient? 

Locations pop-up park

The Walking Park will be at the Labyrinth on the Waalkade until 19 June. After that it will be the turn of the Broerstraat, Plein 1944 and Stationslocatie, among others. Depending on its location, the Walking Park will be different in size and shape.

Action plan city center Nijmegen

The Walking Park is one of the projects of the Action plan city center Nijmegen 2021-2022. This is a plan of action of the municipality of Nijmegen that has been made together with residents, entrepreneurs and visitors and consists of concrete actions to give the city center an extra impulse. The Walking Park contributes to more greenery in the city center.