Space for Grace
Space for Grace

Space for Grace

1 January 2020 until 1 December 2025
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Dr J. Copier (Jorien) , Miriam Zimmer (ZAP) , Veronika Eufinger (ZAP) , Wim van de Wiele (KU Leuven)
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In the Space for Grace program Catholic faith communities in Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands are supported in (innovative) projects that enhance the vitality of these communities. In the Netherlands, every year, about ten projects are selected for participation. In this year the projects receive a financial contribution, they participate in the community program and are assisted by Kaski in monitoring and evaluating their progress.

Together with the research partners in Germany (ZAP Bochum) and Flanders (KU Leuven), we investigate the impact of the projects on the vitality of their communities. We do this by means of pre- and post-project surveys, observations and in-depth interviews with the project team. Vitality is operationalized into four indicators; professionalism, contextuality, spirituality and intentionality.

In addition to evaluating the projects in the Space for Grace programme and comparing the results with the international partners, we support project teams in how they themselves can monitor the progress of their project so that they become ‘learning projects’.


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