Spain’s Años del Hambre

Formal and Informal Educational Practices
2020 until 2025
Project member(s)
Román Ruiz, G. (Gloria)
Project type

This subproject, conducted by Dr Gloria Román Ruiz, investigates the legacies of the Spanish Years of Hunger (1939–1952), a historical episode that took place under Franco’s dictatorship and that has only recently begun to emerge in public memory.

The research will answer questions such as: what shapes does the heritage of this traumatic and politically long repressed event take on in our current societies? In what ways has it been reflected in cultural products such as cinema or literature? How is it approached in the educational field?

In investigating whether and how schools, museums, and memorials incorporate the recent historiographic trends on this Spanish food crisis, the project also engages with the recent acknowledgement that the Años del Hambre constituted a famine. Consequently, the project researches how teaching practices surrounding Spain’s Years of Hunger are integrated into broader European contexts of hunger, war, and repression.

This research project is one of seven subprojects of Heritages of Hunger


Grant provided by NWO NWA.


The project is supported by a board of hunger experts and partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Ireland, UK, Ukraine, Russian & Canada. These are: Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam; Museum Rotterdam; Red Star Line Museum, Antwerpen; EUROCLIO; Irish Heritage Trust, Dublin; Nerve Centre Derry; Kuopio Cultural History Museum; Werstas Labour Museum; Universiteit van Granada; Centro Documental de la Memoria Historica, Salamanca; Nederlands Instituut in Sint-Petersburg; Holodomor Research and Education Centre, Kiev; Ireland Park Foundation, Toronto; Holodomor Research and Education Consortium, Toronto.