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Stepwise Risk- Guiding in Prevention of Prostate Cancer (P-GUIDE)

2024 until 2028
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Prof. H.H.J. Das (Enny) , Kristel van Asselt , Jolanda Veldhuis , Mirjam Fransen , A.C.A. Abbring (Anouk)
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P-GUIDE is a multidisciplinairy collaboration and aims to improve secondary prevention of PCa and individual decision making in all steps of the diagnostic pathway in citizens aged 50-70 at increased risk of clinically significant PCa.

The contribution of Radboud University is aimed at the improvement of communication on prostate cancer. We do this by researching how communication should be developed that is appealing to the target group and makes them aware of their risk of prostate cancer. Furthermore, we research how communication can support citizens, for example on the decision whether or not to ask for a PSA-test at the general practitioner.


KWF Kankerbestrijding, SALT, STAR-shl, Informed, Interactive Studios, MDxHealth


Centrum voor vroegdiagnostiek, Amsterdam UMC, Utrecht UMC, VU, Erasmus MC, EUR

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  • A.C.A. Abbring (Anouk)