Studying RNA-metabolite interactions

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RNA is a versatile biomolecule involved in almost every process in the cell and a key player in many diseases. In Velema’s project, researchers will study how RNA interacts with small molecules in the cell, called metabolites. It is believed that the function of RNA is controlled by these metabolites, but to what extent this occurs and the mechanisms involved remain unclear. Using state-of-the-art chemical tools, researchers will demonstrate the biological significance of RNA-metabolite interactions. Wim Velema is Assistant Professor within in the Physical Organic Chemistry group at IMM. The group focuses on the biological roles of nucleic acids. They aim to understand how drug resistance works at a molecular level and how RNA molecules are involved in this process. “Ultimately we want to use this knowledge to develop new approaches for combating drug resistance”, Velema says. 

Willem Velema

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Wim Velema: http://velemalab.com