groene ontspruitende plantjes
groene ontspruitende plantjes


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Sustainability is high on the agenda at Radboud University and Radboudumc as well as at Johnson & Johnson. Through scientific research, Radboud University contributes to insight and solutions in the field of complex and cross-disciplinary climate issues. Employees and students thus contribute to the energy transition within their own sphere of influence.

Significant steps have been made in the cooperation between Radboud and J&J. For example, Dr Willem Elbers has trained J&J staff in organising sustainability communities and raising awareness. At Radboudumc, Dr Hugo Touw is working on making Intensive Care more sustainable and reducing its carbon footprint.

In late 2022, a THRIVE workshop took place in Nijmegen, focusing on sustainability challenges and discussing common ground in our sustainability ambitions. This workshop served as preparation for Johnson & Johnson's sustainability congress in February 2024.