Modern backhoe ploughing agricultural field
Modern backhoe ploughing agricultural field

Synergizing Sustainability

This interactive research project aims to better understand how policy-making for agricultural development in the Sahel results in synergies, as well as frictions, contradictions, and trade-offs between different development goals, such as agricultural development, boosting food production, and ambitions for enhancing governance, equity and justice, and sustainable peace.

The project focuses on the complex interactions and contestations between diverse stakeholders at different levels in the policy making process (e.g. EU, bilateral donors, national ministries, civil society, farmers associations, private sector), including the politics and power of discourses on notions like ‘agricultural sustainability’ and ‘peace’.

The project is a collaboration between scholars from Conflict Studies, Environmental Governance, and International Relations, and is mainly carried out by a postdoctoral researcher and a PhD researcher.

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