Synoptic Optics

Photonics has been designated by the EU as a Key Enabling Technology because of its ubiquitous importance in modern society.

The SYNOPTICS programme will adopt a unique synoptic approach by using all properties of light: amplitude, phase, polarisation and multi-wavelength, to achieve breakthroughs in optical resolution and sensitivity. At the same time, advanced compressed sensing will enable high speed optical measurements with optimised information content over raw data flow.

The SYNOPTICS consortium consists of leading research groups, together covering broad expertise and having complementary skills, who join forces by exchanging scientific knowledge, technical skills and advanced equipment, to enable the versatile approach using all properties of light to achieve urgently-needed scientific breakthroughs.

To turn the new scientific concepts into new high-tech applications and devices, the academic participants of SYNOPTICS will closely collaborate with industrial partners, enabling Dutch industry to become a world leader in this new field.

SYNOPTICS will have societal impact by solving bottleneck optical problems in nano-manufacturing, in environmental monitoring to combat air pollution, and in optical inspection methods for food safety. Hence, the programme has impact on the societal challenges: Digitisation of Industry, Circular Economy, Energy and CO2, Climate Change and Agro and Food.


NWO-TTW Perspectief


Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Leiden University, University of Twente, Utrecht University