Taming chemical reactions

How molecules interact and react when they collide is essential in chemistry. Studying a chemical reaction in a highly controlled manner is a long-standing goal for chemists in the field. By conducting experiments under precise conditions, the researchers hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the reaction process.

Reaction process

This project aims to understand how molecules react with each other by studying specific reactions (such as O + H2 -> OH + H) with complete quantum state and kinetic energy control before the reaction in a highly controlled manner). The researchers aim to obtain detailed data about the state of the reaction products and the energy released during the reaction. They will collect detailed information about the resulting molecules and the energy they have during the reaction process. In this study advanced techniques (the combination of Stark and Zeeman deceleration technology with Velocity Map Imaging) will be used to prepare the molecules and examine the reaction products. Ultimately, the research study  can provide deep and significant insights into the reaction process and have broader implications for understanding chemical reactions in general, describing the fundamental principles of chemistry.