The association between organizational conditions for self-managing teams and sustainable employability in nursing home care

1 January 2022 until 31 December 2025
Project member(s)
M. van Kuppenveld (Marieke) Prof. C.R.L. Boot (Cécile) Dr D.J. Vriens (Dirk) Dr L.J.G. Vermeerbergen (Lander) Dr B.J.C. Claessens (Brigitte) , dr. Hooff, M.L.M. van (Madelon)
Project type

Working in self-managing teams may support the threatened sustainable employability of nursing home staff. However, the success of these teams and their sustainable employability depends on whether specific organizational conditions are met; conditions related to human resources, organizational structure, or technology. In this PhD project – a collaboration between the Institute for Management Research and the Behavioural Science Institute – we will investigate which particular organizational conditions associate with sustainable employability of nursing home staff. To this end, we plan on a) systematically reviewing literature, b) carrying out an organizational diagnosis in a nursing home, and, at the same site, c) developing, implementing, and evaluating an intervention.

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