The Development of Problematic Social Media Use in Adolescence

The Role of Peer Relations
1 November 2022 until 31 December 2026
Project member(s)
Sanyogita Khare , S.S. Khare (Sanyogita) , Prof. R. Otten (Roy) Dr J.L. Pouwels (Loes) Dr H. Hendriks (Hanneke)
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In adolescence, the importance of peers increases. As social media amplify opportunities for peer interactions and relationships, it is no surprise that adolescents are avid social media users. Although social media use (SMU) has been associated with some benefits, it also has the potential to become problematic. Problematic SMU involves difficulties regulating SMU and experiencing negative affect in the absence of SMU. The current project aims to investigate the development of problematic SMU in adolescence, in particular who may be susceptible to problematic SMU and under which circumstances. We focus on the role of developmentally salient social factors both at the individual level (e.g., social needs) and the peer-group level (e.g., social status and influence). Accordingly, four studies will be conducted using observational longitudinal data.