Kind voor een krijtbord met wiskundige teksten
Kind voor een krijtbord met wiskundige teksten

The EMOTIV (EEG) project

Studying Numeracy and Arithmetic skills Using Portable EEG in a School Environment
1 November 2023 until 12 December 2024
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Project Overview:
This research project aims to investigate the neural underpinnings of early numeracy and arithmetic skills in children, utilizing the portable EMOTIV EPOC X EEG headset. The study seeks to replicate and extend previous findings by examining cognitive factors, finger-number associations, and EEG correlates in a naturalistic school environment.

The primary goals include assessing the feasibility and reliability of the EMOTIV headset for measuring EEG data in a school setting as opposed to a research-grade EEG system (van den Berg et al., 2021; van Bueren et al., 2022). By replicating and expanding upon existing research, the study aims to contribute valuable insights into the factors influencing numerical and arithmetic development in children.

Relevance and Implications:
Understanding the potential of the EMOTIV headset holds significance for its application in educational settings. The study's outcomes could facilitate more representative and comfortable EEG data collection in schools, enabling longitudinal studies and interventions for children facing challenges in numerical and arithmetic skills.



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