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The Impact of Internet and Social Media Use on University Students’ Mental Health.

What are the roles of Fear of Missing Out, social comparison, and mindfulness?

In the past two decades, internet developed rapidly and became increasingly accessible. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine life without internet, smartphones and social media. Research results about whether internet use is positive or negative for individuals’ mental health are mixed. In this project, with the longitudinal Healthy Student Life dataset and information about (objective) social media use in a shorter time span, the relationship between internet use and mental health will be examined specifically in students. We will look into the mechanisms behind the associations of internet use and social media with mental health by examining mediators and moderators like Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), social comparison, perfectionism and mindfulness. Hopefully the knowledge obtained in this project can eventually be used in the development of interventions to foster positive effects or prevent negative effects of social media.

More about the Healthy Student Life project:
- https://www.ru.nl/en/departments/behavioural-science-institute/healthy-student-life
- https://www.ru.nl/en/research/research-projects/healthy-student-life-phd-project-lifestyle-and-well-being-of-university-students

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