Abstract image of blue and red smoke coming together
Abstract image of blue and red smoke coming together

The Language Leak - Subproject 1

The project aims to shed new light on the multilingual mind by examining if multilinguals experience a 'leak' between the L1 and L2 when they are processing language in either respective language. In this way, we hope to establish the language system of the multilingual mind not as two separately stored languages, but as an interactive and integrated system.

This subproject will be responsible for collecting psycholinguistic data by means of co-registered eye-tracking and EEG from Dutch-English bilinguals (of varying degrees of proficiency), English monolinguals, and English second language learners of Dutch. The database collected may provide new insights in and of itself, but will also be used to build and train computational models of language processing in subproject 2.

This subproject is part of the larger project 'The Language Leak'.


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