Donkey carrying boxes with Marshall aid
Donkey carrying boxes with Marshall aid

The Marshall Plan at 75

1 June 2022 until 30 April 2023
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On 5 June 2022 it is 75 years ago that U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall gave a speech at Harvard University that marks the start of the European Recovery Program, popularly known as the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was instrumental for the reconstruction of Europe, shaped modern Transatlantic relations, and significantly contributed to early European cooperation.

This project extends from June 5 2022 until April 26 2023, the date that marks the 75 year anniversary of the arrival of the first Marshall Plan goods in the Netherlands. Throughout that year, several popular-scientific and didactic publications will introduce the history of the Marshall Plan to a broad audience.

The activities of this project include a special issue of Geschiedenis Magazine; a collection of articles for the online magazine; a teaching module for high school history instructors (in collaboration with the Atlantische Commissie); and an exhibit and lecture program about the impact of the Marshall Plan on the Nijmegen area (in collaboration with the Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis and Informatiecentrum Tweede Wereldoorlog).


U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands


  • Atlantische Commissie
  • Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
  • Informatiecentrum Tweede Wereldoorlog
  • U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands
  • Virtu Media

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