Collapsed piles of terra sigillata pots
Collapsed piles of terra sigillata pots

The Marzuolo Archaeological Project

2016 until 2025
Project member(s)
Prof. A. Van Oyen (Astrid) , Dr Tol, G. (Gijs) (University of Melbourne) , Dr Vennarucci, R.G. (Rhodora) (University of Arkansas)
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This projects investigates the Roman-period site of Podere Marzuolo in rural southern Tuscany, Italy. Using targeted excavation, spatial and scientific data analysis, 3D-modelling and material studies, this project aims to highlight the potential of the site to function as a paragon of the varied nature of Roman rural settlement.

Situated ca. 40km away from the coast and from the nearest urban settlement of Roselle, the site finds itself in a landscape populated by small-scale peasant activity sites. The site itself is of a type poorly documented to date for the Roman world: excavations reveal an original villa rustica that in the first half of the 1st century AD was repurposed as a craft production centre.

This second phase centres around a large complex (of which to date ca. 1500m2 has been excavated) that existed for only a few generations before it burnt down and was abandoned. The complex consists of a sequence of large cells dedicated to artisanal production, which opened onto a portico that may have flanked a central courtyard. Excavated features include a combined blacksmith and woodworking workshop (with all the original features and a complete set of tools and instruments preserved) and a storage room containing collapsed piles of ca. 400 vessels in terra sigillata, the iconic red-slipped tableware that was distributed throughout the Mediterranean during the Early Imperial period.


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2018. R.G. Vennarucci, A. Van Oyen, G.W. Tol. Cinigiano (GR). Una comunità artigianale nella Toscana rurale: il sito di Marzuolo. In V. Nizzo and A. Pizzo, eds. Antico e non antico. Scritti multidisciplinari offerti a Giuseppe Pucci. Sesto San Giovanni: Mimesis Edizioni, 589–97. Publicly accessible online database:


  • Cornell University (2017-2022)
  • Loeb Classical Library Foundation (2018; 2022)
  • President’s Council of Cornell Women (2017)
  • Archaeological Institute of America (2016)
  • University of Cambridge (2016)


  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Modena
  • Reggio Emilia Fitch Laboratory, Athens

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