The Migration-Class Nexus

A socio-legal study into the connection between class and migration status of third-country nationals in the EU
2024 until 2028
Project member(s)
Dr R. van Oers (Ricky) N. Soylu (Nesli) Prof. A.B. Terlouw (Ashley) , E. Ahmadi (Ehsan)
Project type

The present study aims to answer the following question:

What is the connection between socio-economic status and legal migration status, and how can this connection be explained?

By doing so, it answers to calls to rehabilitate class in the study of migration. It contributes to recent scholarship exposing the role class plays in categorizing immigrants and their ability to employ their capital to navigate immigration law.

Using legal and empirical research methods, the study will be performed in the Netherlands and another selected EU member state and will cover selected nationalities yet a variety of legal migration statuses.

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