Onderzoeksproject icoon
Onderzoeksproject icoon

The what and how of self-regulated learning strategies in education and sports

A value-based choice perspective
1 September 2022 until 1 August 2030
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I.N. Boumans (Ilianne)
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Self-regulating the learning process towards the learning goal is a complex interplay between several constructs. We do not know how these constructs relate to each other and how they are integrated into the learning moment. In this project, we offer a value-based choice perspective on self-regulated learning (SRL) in which choices are assigned a subjective value that leads to an SRL decision. A more integrated account of SRL will be offered using a scoping review, an experience sampling study, and an experimental field study in education and sports. This will potentially provide tools for promoting better SRL decision-making in the learning moment.


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