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  • Still of Zo is 't toevallig ook nog 's een keer

    Humour scandals in the Netherlands, 1950s-present

    Ever since the rise of mass media in the mid-twentieth century, pieces of publicly broadcasted comedy have occasionally led to controversy. This book project focusses specifically on eleven humour scandals in the Netherlands from the 1950s-now.

  • Persoon kijkt tussen new wave/punk LPs in een winkel

    An evaluation model for music criticism in The Netherlands

    This project looks at music reviews in five different Dutch magazines in five different time periods, to research how criticism is formulated in terms of content.

  • Social media op mobiele telefoon


    In this project, we examine how news media content and social media discussions influence public perceptions of the benefits and harms of cancer screening.

  • Gezicht beschilderd met regenboogkleuren

    Recent increase in treatment requests for transgender care

    This projects aims to gain insight into the reasons for the increase in transgender care in the Netherlands and into underlying social processes to achieve a better match between care wishes (from transgender persons) and treatment offerings.

  • Beyond a fear of death

    This project examines if humans use tragic entertainment to temporarily escape their fear of death or to accept and rise above it.

  • Puzzle with missing piece

    Elementary particles of conversation

    Words like oh, huh? and mmm may seem insignificant, but these words are also vital. The researchers from the Elementary Particles of Language project are looking at how these small words help us to steer our conversations and thoughts.