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    Actual Fictions

    Actual Fictions analyses a series of 5 large scale corpora of Dutch language novels ranging from the 1900s up until the 2010s. The project focuses on the extent to which the Dutch novel has transformed in light of a range of emancipatory movements.

  • Astronaut in Tesla car in space

    For Future Generations

    This research develops a framework to understand the role of digital platforms as shaping actors in our thinking about the environment.

  • Apps op iPhone

    Platform Discourses

    Platform Discourses develops a critical humanities perspective on the platform society, in which the online platforms owned by major tech companies like Google and Apple are integrated into all domains of life.

  • Still of Zo is 't toevallig ook nog 's een keer

    Humour scandals in the Netherlands, 1950s-present

    Ever since the rise of mass media in the mid-twentieth century, pieces of publicly broadcasted comedy have occasionally led to controversy. This book project focusses specifically on eleven humour scandals in the Netherlands from the 1950s-now.

  • Painting by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio

    Moving Images

    Paintings with moveable parts operated at the crossroads of art, philosophy, theology, literature, and science, but have never been analysed as phenomena within these frames. This project offers a new perspective on early modern material culture.

  • Woman holding megaphone

    Violence and Affect in Female Poetic Activism in Contemporary Mexico

    Contemporary Mexican cultural production is strongly influenced by violence. This project studies how the work of three Mexican female poets generates and transmits affect in order to mediate memories of violence and engage an audience.

  • world trade center memorial

    Shipping the World Trade Center

    This book project focuses on the ruins of the World Trade Center following their removal from Ground Zero. It centers on the musealization of relics, the fetishization of WTC steel as sacred material, and the selling of the wreckage as scrap metal.

  • Vintage projector

    Revisiting Gone with the Wind

    There has been controversy surrounding Gone with the Wind due to its depiction of black characters. This research project examines how people in different places and in different times encountered the film and how their opinion has changed over time.

  • Curator Marion Frost surrounded by her all-female curatorial team (c.1908-1915)

    Women managing Museums

    This project researches the history of the first female administrators in European cultural heritage institutions.

  • Row of ancient Greek female busts

    Chatterboxes, Seductresses and Emotional Wrecks

    This project studies the ostensible dichotomy between tradition and innovation in the portrayal of women in Hellenistic poetry, using the framework of anchoring innovation.

  • Painting of woman in the audience of a theatre looking through binoculars

    Distorting Mirrors

    This project aims to unravel how and why nineteenth-century actors in the theatrical field appropriated foreign operettas catering for and impacting on various tastes and values, within a variety of Dutch urban contexts.

  • Open book

    Humor and Violence in Contemporary Latin American Literature

    In this book project Brigitte Adriaensen analyses how contemporary Latin American literature uses different types of humour (black humour, parody, irony, cynicism) in the representation of violence.

  • Achilles verbindt Patroclus' arm, schilderij uit klassieke oudheid

    Gods, Heroes, Myths

    All stories build on the stories that came before them, but perhaps none more unabashedly than fanfiction. This project examines how fanfiction anchors and innovates story elements from Antiquity.

  • open books

    Metamodernism / Glocal Metamodernisms

    This project aims to bring together colleagues working on artistic (esp. literary) responses to the perceived demise of Postmodernism in the arts and culture more generally.

  • Persoon kijkt tussen new wave/punk LPs in een winkel

    An evaluation model for music criticism in The Netherlands

    This project looks at music reviews in five different Dutch magazines in five different time periods, to research how criticism is formulated in terms of content.

  • Close-up of a fountain pen writing on paper

    What starting writers do and why

    This project researches what starting literary makers do, and why. It works towards improving connections and dismantling barriers, aiming at a more versatile, resilient and inclusice Dutch-Flemish literary sector.

  • climate protest with someone holding a sign reading 'there is no planet B'

    You Have a Part to Play

    In collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts, this project aims to design and create a new, university-wide approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD).

  • Kinderen kijken door VR bril

    Quality Arts Education

    This research project aims to provide insight into the implementation practice of the national Quality arts education programme.

  • Rapenburg na ontploffing kruitschip

    Dealing with Disasters

    Dealing with Disasters approaches the identity formation of a nation and region from a new perspective. The formation of local and national identities will be examined in response to natural disasters in the Netherlands.