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  • Vintage projector

    Revisiting Gone with the Wind

    There has been controversy surrounding Gone with the Wind due to its depiction of black characters. This research project examines how people in different places and in different times encountered the film and how their opinion has changed over time.

  • Curator Marion Frost surrounded by her all-female curatorial team (c.1908-1915)

    Women managing Museums

    This project researches the history of the first female administrators in European cultural heritage institutions.

  • Protesters holding signs in Civil Rights March

    Mapping Transatlantic Routes of Identity

    This project focuses on investigating the complex ways in which Dutch discussions about racism and emancipation have evolved in relation to America since the 1900s.

  • Row of ancient Greek female busts

    Chatterboxes, Seductresses and Emotional Wrecks

    This project studies the ostensible dichotomy between tradition and innovation in the portrayal of women in Hellenistic poetry, using the framework of anchoring innovation.

  • Gezicht beschilderd met regenboogkleuren

    Recent increase in treatment requests for transgender care

    This projects aims to gain insight into the reasons for the increase in transgender care in the Netherlands and into underlying social processes to achieve a better match between care wishes (from transgender persons) and treatment offerings.

  • Fathers combining work & care

    Increasingly, fathers and mothers aim for equality in working hours and involvement in childcare. However, most couples never achieve their work-care ambition: fathers work more hours and spend less time on childcare.

  • Foto campussessie

    GEARING Roles

    The GEARING Roles project targets the questioning and transformation of traditional gender roles in research institutions at the micro, meso, and macro levels and assesses the design and implementation of Gender Equality Plans.

  • Foto van twee orthodoxe religieuze posters

    Rewriting Global Orthodoxy

    Parishes and monasteries are also following the social trend of sustainability. The Rewriting Global Orthodoxy research project aims to examine and analyse the Catholic Netherlands’ approach to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

  • Legacies of Bondage

    This project will involve the construction of a database of the Surinamese population that existed between 1830 and 1950. It will combine the individual records of both enslaved, bonded labourers from China, India and Indonesia and free citizens.

  • Is Islamic religiosity a friend or foe of democracy and emancipation?

    Islam is often said to be anti-democratic. By combining new and existing data, the researchers aim to gain new insights and redefine this perception.

  • Migrant working in a crucial sector

    Migrants in the Front Line

    An interdisciplinary team is examining both the effects that coronavirus measures are having on migrant workers who work in key sectors and the opportunities that the coronavirus crisis has offered for improving the protection of migrant workers.

  • two young children whispering


    How does one child actually acquire and use two different languages? The 2in1 project endeavours to ascertain how a bilingual child’s languages affect each other and the circumstances under which this occurs.