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  • 2 wooden dices are thrown on the boardgames

    Boardgame Energiek

    Energiek is a boardgame, developed by researchers at Radboud University. It teaches players more about the energy transition in The Netherlands. Energiek focuses on companies, secondary school students, and the general public.

  • climate protest with someone holding a sign reading 'there is no planet B'

    You Have a Part to Play

    In collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts, this project aims to design and create a new, university-wide approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD).

  • Securing Tenure, Sustainable Peace?

    In conflict-affected settings, land tenure security of smallholders is seen as essential to prevent local land disputes and sustain peace, enable recovery of rural livelihoods, and advance ecologically.

  • Bureau met toetsenbord, pen en papier

    The controller profession

    This project aims to inventory developments for controllers, based on surveys and interviews in cooperation with the Dutch VRC (Vereniging van Registercontrollers).

  • Open Strategizing for Infrastructures in Transition (PRONTO)

    PRONTO investigates what practices of open strategizing are enacted by infrastructure agencies and develops governance and modelling approaches in support of the development of cross-sectoral infrastructure strategies.

  • Plastic flesjes

    Sustainable plastics

    We combine environmental life cycle assessment, participative system dynamics modelling, and ex-ante policy evaluation to assess the relevant sociotechnical systems around circular plastics and bioplastics.

  • Close-up van grassprieten

    Calcium Looping To Capture Co2 From Industrial Processes By 2030 (CaLby2030)

    CaLby2030 focuses on TRL6 demonstration of its pioneering Calcium Looping (CaL) CO2 capture systems using the wellestablished Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) technology to a state ready for largescale commercial deployment by 2030.

  • On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility

    On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility

    The negative effects of spatial mobility (e.g. congestion, unsafety, fossil fuel use and land use), create a strong pressure to transition towards a more sustainable mobility system. This asks for trend-breaking change strategies.

  • Groene parochie with allotment in Nijmegen

    Green Parishes and Monasteries in the Netherlands

    Parishes and monasteries are also following the social trend of sustainability. The Green Parishes in the Netherlands research project aims to examine and analyse the Catholic Netherlands’ approach to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

  • National Individual floating Transport Infrastructure (NIFTI)

    National Individual Floating Transport Infrastructure (NIfTI)

    Researchers from the National Individual Floating Transport Infrastructure (NIFTI) project will be studying the feasibility of a radically new form of transportation in which an individual module is driven by subsurface magnets.

  • The Ooijpolder

    Living Lab Ooijpolder

    In recent years, scientists have experimented with innovative forms of biodiversity restoration in the Ooijpolder in Gelderland. The Living Lab looks at how the existing pilot schemes and initiatives have improved biodiversity in this region.

  • Een meting van medicijnresten in het Nijmeegse riool in 2019.

    Prioritisation and Risk Evaluation of Medicines in the EnviRonment (PREMIER)

    Pharmaceutical residue can cause environmental damage. Much of the medicines that we use are released into the sewer via excretion. That is why a European research consortium is developing a system that analyses the environmental risks of medicines.

  • Alexander Khajetoorians in het Scanning Probe Microscopy lab

    Quantifying electron-electron forces at the atomic scale

    In this project, researchers will investigate novel correlated electron phases in 2D materials. These phases exhibit unusual superconducting or magnetic behaviour and a better understanding of the role of electron interactions is needed. The research team will therefore use a novel experimental...