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  • Vlag van de Europese Unie op een bankbiljet

    EU Solidarity and Risk-sharing During COVID-19

    This project examines the conditions under which European citizens support international cooperation in controversial policy areas.

  • Stethoscoop op tafel

    HoMed (Homo Medicinalis)

    HoMed (Homo Medicinalis) will implement a SSH research infrastructure with an enormous potential for automatic transcription of sensitive audio-visual (AV) recordings.

  • Robot


    To gain more insight in someone's happiness and well-being, we work on the development of a conversational agent that speaks with people about daily life and well-being in Dutch.

  • De locatie van taal in de hersenen

    Executive control in bilingual aphasia

    In this research project, the role of executive control in bilingual persons with aphasia (PWA) is investigated.

  • Social media op mobiele telefoon


    In this project, we examine how news media content and social media discussions influence public perceptions of the benefits and harms of cancer screening.

  • Foto van een regenboog op een wit vensterkozijn

    Dealing with uncertainty in gender incongruence and DSD/intersex conditions

    Uncertainty plays a major role in the care of transgender and intersex children. In this project, linguistic scientists, ethicists and psychologists examine how uncertainty shows itself in both types of care and how those involved can deal with it.

  • Twee mensen die tegenover elkaar staan in een confronterende houding

    Reflexive Regulation using Narrative Methods

    The aim of the RUN-study is to develop reflexive regulatory arrangements, using narrative methods, putting service users center stage and enhancing accountability and dialogue.

  • Twee sportieve oudere vrouwen die hardlopen

    Prevention and Health

    ​​​​​​​The Prevention and Health project of Radboud University and Radboudumc aims to find out how health differences between citizens can be reduced.

  • Brain ultrasound

    Focused Ultrasound Initiative

    This project aims to facilitate scientific breakthroughs and the development of clinical applications on focused ultrasound stimulation. We will centralize and share hands-on and technical knowledge and purchase shared equipment. This project aims to facilitate scientific breakthroughs and the...

  • Kinderen spelen volleyball

    VMBO Sportlab

    In the research project vmbo sportlab, a consortium of young people, practitioners and researchers will provide insights and knowledge about how to tackle inactivity among VMBO students and get them playing sport and exercising into later life

  • Persoon met smartphone met chat-app open

    Look Who’s Talking

    Digital discussion partners such as chatbots can make complex topics more accessible. The Look Who’s Talking project will develop and test a new generation of chatbots that can engage in lengthy and interesting conversations.

  • Gaarkeuken Montreal 1931

    Heritages of Hunger

    European famines of the past resonate in today’s debates. This project examines how lessons on famine are being taught at schools and heritage sites and whether such practices can enhance understanding and solidarity.

  • Apple Watch met gezondheidsdata

    Digital Good

    Technology companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have moved into the domain of health and medicine. The Digital Good project explores the ethical and societal challenges that are associated with this ‘Googlisation of health research’.

  • Een meting van medicijnresten in het Nijmeegse riool in 2019.

    Prioritisation and Risk Evaluation of Medicines in the EnviRonment (PREMIER)

    Pharmaceutical residue can cause environmental damage. Much of the medicines that we use are released into the sewer via excretion. That is why a European research consortium is developing a system that analyses the environmental risks of medicines.

  • The Understanding Coach avatar prototype screengrab

    The Understanding Coach

    Patients with memory loss often need more support as their condition worsens. The Understanding Coach project is developing a compassionate AI-powered virtual human tool that is aimed at improving these patients’ quality of life.