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  • Netwerk in een hoofd

    The nature of the mental lexicon

    This project addresses how to use computational modelling to link levels of description, from neurons to cognition and behaviour, in understanding the language system.

  • MultiplEYE

    Enabling multilingual eye-tracking data collection for human and machine language processing research.

  • Do discourse expectations immediately affect pronoun resolution during reading?

    Using self-paced reading and eye-tracking during reading, the project investigates at which point during comprehension the bias in interpersonal verbs plays a role.

  • Crossing versus nested dependencies in Dutch and German verb clusters

    A classic study shows that German sentences that contain nested dependencies between nouns and verbs are harder to understand that the Dutch versions with crossing dependencies. Our project replicates and improves on the study.

  • The language leak

    This project aims at uncovering the architecture of the multilingual sentence processing system and explaining how multilingual’s languages interact.

  • Cognate processing in idioms

    This study aims to investigate the processing of Dutch-English cognates embedded in English idioms by L2 Dutch learners of English in a sentence reading task.

  • Brain ultrasound

    Focused Ultrasound Initiative

    This project aims to facilitate scientific breakthroughs and the development of clinical applications on focused ultrasound stimulation. We will centralize and share hands-on and technical knowledge and purchase shared equipment. This project aims to facilitate scientific breakthroughs and the...