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  • Apps op iPhone

    Platform Discourses

    Platform Discourses develops a critical humanities perspective on the platform society, in which the online platforms owned by major tech companies like Google and Apple are integrated into all domains of life.

  • Gebarende handen - gebarentaal

    Deaf Communication without a Shared Language

    Deaf people communicate by use of sign languages that differ from country to country, but they are known to communicate with remarkable ease across these language boundaries. This project aims to investigate this paradox.

  • 2 wooden dices are thrown on the boardgames

    Boardgame Energiek

    Energiek is a boardgame, developed by researchers at Radboud University. It teaches players more about the energy transition in The Netherlands. Energiek focuses on companies, secondary school students, and the general public.

  • Parachutisten tijdens Market Garden operatie, Tweede Wereldoorlog

    North American Indigenous Soldiers in the Netherlands during WWII

    The research project aims to identify and describe the participation of North American indigenous soldiers in the Netherlands during World War II.

  • Protesters holding signs in Civil Rights March

    Mapping Transatlantic Routes of Identity

    This project focuses on investigating the complex ways in which Dutch discussions about racism and emancipation have evolved in relation to America since the 1900s.

  • A kettle with Ayahuasca brewing

    Poison, Medicine or Magic Potion?

    The main aim of this project is to analyse the changing perceptions of 'drugs' in Latin America from the continent’s independence to our present day (1820-2020). The project focuses on the representation of ayahuasca, peyote and coca(ine).

  • open books

    Metamodernism / Glocal Metamodernisms

    This project aims to bring together colleagues working on artistic (esp. literary) responses to the perceived demise of Postmodernism in the arts and culture more generally.

  • Schets van ondergelopen boerderij te Neder-Asselt (Land van Maas en Waal)

    ‘Keep calm and carry on’?

    Times of crisis are moments of great emotional upheaval. This project investigates three moments of societal crisis in twentieth-century Netherlands to find out how emotions were expressed and valued during these times.

  • Groene parochie with allotment in Nijmegen

    Green Parishes and Monasteries in the Netherlands

    Parishes and monasteries are also following the social trend of sustainability. The Green Parishes in the Netherlands research project aims to examine and analyse the Catholic Netherlands’ approach to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

  • Virus particle corona

    Solidarity in times of a pandemic

    The coronavirus has had unprecedented consequences for our society. This project explores the way in which people have approached the new coronavirus policy. What makes people follow the given advice, or rather what makes them ignore it?

  • Legacies of Bondage

    This project will involve the construction of a database of the Surinamese population that existed between 1830 and 1950. It will combine the individual records of both enslaved, bonded labourers from China, India and Indonesia and free citizens.