Research projects

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  • National Individual floating Transport Infrastructure (NIFTI)

    National Individual Floating Transport Infrastructure (NIfTI)

    Researchers from the National Individual Floating Transport Infrastructure (NIFTI) project will be studying the feasibility of a radically new form of transportation in which an individual module is driven by subsurface magnets.

  • Een meting van medicijnresten in het Nijmeegse riool in 2019.

    Prioritisation and Risk Evaluation of Medicines in the EnviRonment (PREMIER)

    Pharmaceutical residue can cause environmental damage. Much of the medicines that we use are released into the sewer via excretion. That is why a European research consortium is developing a system that analyses the environmental risks of medicines.

  • Alexander Khajetoorians in het Scanning Probe Microscopy lab

    Quantifying electron-electron forces at the atomic scale

    In this project, researchers will investigate novel correlated electron phases in 2D materials. These phases exhibit unusual superconducting or magnetic behaviour and a better understanding of the role of electron interactions is needed. The research team will therefore use a novel experimental...