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  • 2 wooden dices are thrown on the boardgames

    Boardgame Energiek

    Energiek is a boardgame, developed by researchers at Radboud University. It teaches players more about the energy transition in The Netherlands. Energiek focuses on companies, secondary school students, and the general public.

  • Man geeft lezing in zaaltje met mensen

    WordWise: Rhetoric for All!

    WordWise is a pathbreaking initiative of Peitho (Radboud Centre for Rhetoric) and Radboud University’s Department of Political Science offering rhetoric as a means to educate responsible and resilient citizens.

  • climate protest with someone holding a sign reading 'there is no planet B'

    You Have a Part to Play

    In collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts, this project aims to design and create a new, university-wide approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD).

  • Kinderen oefenen gebaren in de klas

    Teaching materials on sign language and deafness for primary schools

    Researchers develop teaching materials about sign language and deafness in this project.

  • Kinderen kijken door VR bril

    Quality Arts Education

    This research project aims to provide insight into the implementation practice of the national Quality arts education programme.

  • Een kind leest van een tablet

    DART: Dutch Automatic Reading Tutor

    This project investigates how reading practice software with automatic speech recognition (ASH) and automatic feedback on reading aloud can best be developed and implemented in school practice and at home.

  • Afbeelding bij project Werken onder druk? Professionele identiteitsspanningen van leraren gedurende hun loopbaan: impact op burnout en welzijn

    Working under pressure?

    Quality of education depends heavily on the availability and quality of teachers. It is well known that the teacher shortage is partly caused by dropout of beginning teachers and burnout of experienced teachers.

  • Kinderen spelen volleyball

    VMBO Sportlab

    In the research project vmbo sportlab, a consortium of young people, practitioners and researchers will provide insights and knowledge about how to tackle inactivity among VMBO students and get them playing sport and exercising into later life

  • Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

    Hybrid Human-AI Regulation

    This project focuses on the development of a ‘Hybrid Human-AI Regulation System’ (HHAIR system), which teaches 10- to 14-year-olds self-regulation skills. This will allow them to learn with support from adaptive or self-adaptive learning tools.

  • Gaarkeuken Montreal 1931

    Heritages of Hunger

    European famines of the past resonate in today’s debates. This project examines how lessons on famine are being taught at schools and heritage sites and whether such practices can enhance understanding and solidarity.