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  • Vlag van de Europese Unie op een bankbiljet

    EU Solidarity and Risk-sharing During COVID-19

    This project examines the conditions under which European citizens support international cooperation in controversial policy areas.

  • Woman holding megaphone

    Violence and Affect in Female Poetic Activism in Contemporary Mexico

    Contemporary Mexican cultural production is strongly influenced by violence. This project studies how the work of three Mexican female poets generates and transmits affect in order to mediate memories of violence and engage an audience.

  • Portrait of Anna Margaretha van Renesse van Elderen (1703-1775)

    Kitchen or Capital?

    By analyzing financial accounts of Guelders’ landed nobility in the eighteenth century, this research reveals the daily involvement and responsibility of Dutch elite women and, more importantly, the dynamics behind it.

  • Bust of Gaius Caligula

    Caligula or the Personalisation of Power

    This study asks what could happen with the dark picture of Caligula and his reign if analysed from non-literary sources.

  • Man geeft lezing in zaaltje met mensen

    WordWise: Rhetoric for All!

    WordWise is a pathbreaking initiative of Peitho (Radboud Centre for Rhetoric) and Radboud University’s Department of Political Science offering rhetoric as a means to educate responsible and resilient citizens.

  • Protestaffice olympische spelen met bom en de tekst "Amsterdam Never. Sine panem et non circenses.'

    Calling for Timeout

    This PhD project sets out to explore how and why public protest against the hosting of mega-sporting events, and in particular the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, has emerged and transnationalised from the 1960s to the present.

  • Schets van ondergelopen boerderij te Neder-Asselt (Land van Maas en Waal)

    ‘Keep calm and carry on’?

    Times of crisis are moments of great emotional upheaval. This project investigates three moments of societal crisis in twentieth-century Netherlands to find out how emotions were expressed and valued during these times.

  • Twee mensen die tegenover elkaar staan in een confronterende houding

    Reflexive Regulation using Narrative Methods

    The aim of the RUN-study is to develop reflexive regulatory arrangements, using narrative methods, putting service users center stage and enhancing accountability and dialogue.

  • logo vive la commune

    Vive la Commune! Communalism as a Democratic Repertoire

    This interdisciplinary research project seeks to approach ‘democracy’ as the subject of conflict and contestation and hypothesize that ‘The Commune’ may be regarded as the key signifier of a long-standing democratic repertoire in its own right.

  • Schilderij van Alexis de Tocqueville

    Tocqueville in the New World

    Alexis de Tocqueville wrote an analysis of democracy in America in the nineteenth century. In this project, Tocqueville’s ideology will be linked to Dutch democracy in a variety of ways.

  • Is Islamic religiosity a friend or foe of democracy and emancipation?

    Islam is often said to be anti-democratic. By combining new and existing data, the researchers aim to gain new insights and redefine this perception.

  • Political pamphlets on a sign

    Political parties between freedom and restraint

    Under current Dutch law, political parties are rarely regulated. This project investigates whether legal and constitutional regulation of the form, organisation and function of political parties is needed.