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  • Beyond a fear of death

    This project examines if humans use tragic entertainment to temporarily escape their fear of death or to accept and rise above it.

  • Fathers combining work & care

    Increasingly, fathers and mothers aim for equality in working hours and involvement in childcare. However, most couples never achieve their work-care ambition: fathers work more hours and spend less time on childcare.

  • Reflexive Regulation using Narrative Methods

    Recent failures in listening to and helping citizens in a vulnerable position (think of the child benefits scandal) have shown the complexity as well as necessity for governmental agencies to develop more responsive and reflexive social policies.

  • Kinderen spelen volleyball

    VMBO Sportlab

    In the research project vmbo sportlab, a consortium of young people, practitioners and researchers will provide insights and knowledge about how to tackle inactivity among VMBO students and get them playing sport and exercising into later life

  • Virus particle corona

    Solidarity in times of a pandemic

    The coronavirus has had unprecedented consequences for our society. This project explores the way in which people have approached the new coronavirus policy. What makes people follow the given advice, or rather what makes them ignore it?

  • The Understanding Coach avatar prototype screengrab

    The Understanding Coach

    Patients with memory loss often need more support as their condition worsens. The Understanding Coach project is developing a compassionate AI-powered virtual human tool that is aimed at improving these patients’ quality of life.