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  • het woordje 'you' in scrabble letters

    Processing pronouns of address (ImPro)

    In various languages, speakers have a choice between using a polite or informal pronoun when addressing others. This project focusses on the impact of the use of a polite or informal pronouns on the addressee.

  • Zoomed in picture of an eye


    Current treatments for cornea damage depend on stem cells in the patient's own healthy eye. This project will develop a novel regenerative technology to convert patient's skin and mouth cells into cornea stem cells to restore vision.

  • koffiebar met mensen aan tafeltjes

    Speech comprehension in a communicative setting

    The aim of this project is to examine how the everyday communicative setting impacts on speech comprehension.

  • Vrouw zit met de handen in het haar

    Moral decision making in a communicative setting

    The aim of this project is to develop an ecologically valid account of moral decision making when listening to moral dilemmas in communicative settings.

  • People talking, indicated by speech bubbles

    Digital tools for analysing conversation

    In this project we work with the Netherlands eScience Center to create scientific computing tools that enable inclusive curation, rapid exploration and rich visualization of conversational data.

  • Child looking at pictures in children's book

    The role of self-monitoring in the development of word production in young children

    What underlies the gradual transition from deviating, variable word productions to productions that are considered adult-like? The hypothesis in this project is that the driving force behind the development of speech production is self-monitoring.

  • Kinderen in een klaslokaal onder begeleiding van een leraar

    Stats and Structure

    This project investigates how the nature of children’s peer language affects language acquisition for children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

  • Women with emoji stickers on her face

    New emoji proposal

    How do new emojis come about? With this study Verheijen wants to examine how the emoji submission process works in practice.

  • Three different emoji

    Effects of emoji in webcare

    This project investigates the use of different kinds of emoji together with different aspects of 'Conversational Human Voice' (CHV) in webcare, and explores language style accommodation with emoji in webcare in terms of usage and effects.

  • Person reading news on phone

    Evaluating subjectivity in digital news stories

    This project aims to unravel the relationship between subjectivity, digital news medium, and literacy level, by investigating processing and appreciation of subjectivity in online news narratives.

  • Row of yellow light bulbs and one blue one

    Optimal variability and perceptual improvement in second language learners

    This study investigates the effects of using different levels of stimulus variability during training on the learning of second-language pronunciation.

  • stethoscoop

    Advice-giving and advice-receiving in doctor/patient interactions in Nigerian hospitals

    This project will use theories from linguistics to examine how advice-giving and advice-receiving are internationally organised, and how they, in turn, shape medical interactions in Nigerian hospitals.

  • Urban city

    Transgressing ‘good’ cities

    The project will investigate the implications of colonial legacies in (re)defining people’s experience and engagement of public spaces.

  • Lamp met hand


    The research project investigates the social, technical and societal dimensions of a just and effective energy transition, from carbon-based to renewable energy practices.

  • Surface water, oppervlaktewater


    Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from surface waters with the aim to unravel their drivers and develop mitigation measures using field measurements, experiments and modelling approaches.

  • Aquaculture

    Environmental impact of inland aquaculture in Brazil

    In this research we aim to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient budgets of aquaculture ponds in Brazil and relate them to management practices.

  • Inland waters, meertje, beek

    Effects of bioturbation on microbial CH4 production, accumulation and emission from inland waters

    This research focuses on providing a mechanistic understanding of how bioturbating organisms affect greenhouse gas (GHG) production (through microbial communities), its rates of emission and emission pathways from aquatic ecosystems.

  • Donkey carrying boxes with Marshall aid

    The Marshall Plan at 75

    Throughout the year that marks the 75 year anniversary of the arrival of the first Marshall Plan goods in the Netherlands, several popular-scientific and didactic publications will introduce the history of the Marshall Plan to a broad audience.

  • The Diplomacy of Gratitude in Transatlantic Relations

    By identifying the presence and significance of gratitude in the long history of transatlantic relations, this project places ordinary civilians, women, children, emotions, and material culture into the history of international relations.

  • Consument en reclame nota

    'The bad breath of consumer society'

    This project analyses the arguments, positions and interaction of the various parties involved in the debate on advertising.