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  • Paneel Gouden Koets

    Living with and without antiquity

    In this Dutch-language book project 'De oudheidconnectie - leven met en zonder oudheid', Maarten De Pourcq examines exemplary interactions between the ancient Greco-Roman world and the modern world.

  • Painting of Medea pouring something from a cup

    Children of Medea

    In this book project, Maarten De Pourcq examines receptions of the ancient story of Medea in modern and contemporary culture in the broadest sense.

  • Akropolis

    An Anti-Eastern Ideology in Athenian World Heritage?

    This project envisions to enrich the study of classical archaeology and ancient history, and more widely, the field of cultural heritage studies by offering new insights into the Acropolis as an important symbol of cultural heritage.

  • NanoBubbles: how, when and why does science fail to correct itself?

    The project investigates why it is so difficult to correct errors in the scientific literature. Scientists who identify errors often face a lot of resistance. NanoBubbles researches how to facilitate scientific correction.

  • Coronavirus outbreak

    Improving Interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration in Public Health Crisis Management

    This project examines the role of the sciences in policy advice during the COVID- 19 crisis.

  • Shallow lake

    Effects of bioturbators in greenhouse gas emissions from shallow inland waters

    The overall aim of the project is to unravel the role of bioturbators on GHG emissions in shallow fresh waters under different scenarios (e.g.: temperature, sediments, bioturbators densities).

  • Black and white image of street with Bellevue cinema

    Building a Research Agenda

    This project is a collaboration with the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdK). Its goal is to promote a research agenda to a new generation of historians that have enrolled in the BA History and the 3-year MA History programme at the AdK.

  • Man stamping on white surface

    Indigenious Journeys

    As transnational tourism continues to grow, craft cultures tend to provide a deep-rooted sense of place. This project brings together multiple stakeholders to form a holistic enquiry intersecting creative tourism practices with craft cultures.

  • Father and baby playing

    TOS-Fonds (Taalontwikkelingsstoornissen)

    Een taalontwikkelingsstoornis (TOS) is een neurocognitieve ontwikkelingsstoornis. Met dit fonds wordt onderzoek naar TOS gestimuleerd.

  • The Benedenstad, the heart of Nimwèègs.

    Nimwèègs from a dynamic point of view

    The city dialect of Nijmegen, known as Nimwèègs in the local vernacular, is a dialect spoken in the city of Nijmegen. This project aims at understanding the communicative place of Nimwèègs in the linguistic ecology of Nijmegen.

  • Illustration of book coming to live

    Reading the Mind

    This project investigates the involvement of social-cognitive processes, such as empathy and theory of mind, during story reading.

  • Sale of poetry books

    Empirical foundations of poetic rhyme

    The research project uses methods from experimental psychology and psycholinguistics to address fundamental questions about rhyme that have gone unnoticed in prior research.

  • Lopende mensen

    Democratic innovations & populism: For better or worse?

    This project of Dr Kristof Jacobs investigates the effects of democratic innovations (e.g. citizen-initiated referendums, participatory budgeting and citizens’ assemblies) on populist citizens.

  • N-SAFE

    The N-SAFE project examines the newly emerging role played by non- governmental organisations (NGOs) as they partner with governments around the world in the global fight against illegal fishing.

  • Vluchtelingen welkom

    Tracing Syrian Refugee Return Dynamics across South/North Divides

    This multidisciplinary project examines the connections between European return decisions.

  • Samenwerking aan tafel

    (De)legitimation and international order

    In this project, with funding by the GLOCAL hotspot, we are constructing a new dataset on the (de)legitimation of international order that will allow us to close these conceptual and empirical gaps.

  • Wereldbol in hand

    Constructing Neoclassical Realism

    This project seeks to explore and critically reflect on the politics of contemporary neoclassical realist (NCR) theorising in International Relations.

  • Stembus met biljet

    Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey (POPPA)

    The Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey (POPPA) dataset measures positions and attitudes of over 250 parties on key attributes.

  • Vlag van de Europese Unie op een bankbiljet

    EU Solidarity and Risk-sharing During COVID-19

    This project examines the conditions under which European citizens support international cooperation in controversial policy areas.

  • Two people having a conversation


    The focus of SPRINT is intonation, the modulation of voice pitch. Intonation is essential for communication, as it conveys information that helps listeners make inferences about the intent of the speaker.