Vluchtelingen welkom
Vluchtelingen welkom

Tracing Syrian Refugee Return Dynamics across South/North Divides

The Interrelatedness of European Repatriation Decisions and Regional (Non-)Refoulement
2023 until 2024
Project member(s)
Dr N.M. Stel (Nora) , Lisa Marie Borrelli , Stefanie Kurt , Annika Lindberg , Nadine Kheshen
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This multidisciplinary project examines the connections between European return decisions. In particular, Denmark’s decision to withdraw protection for Syrian refugees, and refugee return dynamics in Jordan and Lebanon, which are two major regional host countries.

Different questions are addressed in this project. First of all, the processes of formal and informal decision-making enabling refugee returns from the selected host countries are questioned. Also, the impact of EU countries’ decisions on regional host state’s actions to initiate the return of Syrian refugees is assessed. Furthermore, the implications of their reactions for non-refoulement are interrogated. 



SNIS: Swiss Network for International Studies


Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale / University of Gothenburg / Refugee Rights and Protection, ALEF

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