Transnational work migration in the Euregio (TRAM)

1 June 2023 until 1 May 2026
Project type

The project implements the objective of the priority "A Europe closer to the citizen in the
border area" and the related specific objective "Improve the effectiveness of public administrations by promoting their legal and administrative cooperation, as well as the cooperation between citizens, civil society actors, and institutions, particularly with a view to removing legal and other barriers in border regions".

In order to achieve the overall objective of the project - improving the situation of transnational migrant workers in the Euroregion through cross-border exchange and the development of cross-border cooperation structures - justice must be done to the complexity of the problem situations of transnational labor migrants. To this end, project activities in three thematic areas are planned:

(a) Social guidance
b) Work and business
c) Housing and living together

Cross-border cooperation between expert and advisory bodies on the German and Dutch side of the border in the Euregio (in the field labs for cooperation) contributes to improving their efficiency by giving them a better understanding of legal and administrative structures. With the thematic project activities, in which solutions to problems are worked out, advisory centers of municipalities, trade unions, and other civil society organizations on both sides of the border enable them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problems of transnational migrant workers to advise and take further action.

Models of good work and good housing for migrant workers are being developed, which will address the legal gaps resulting from existing national competencies and can contribute in the long term to ensuring that migrant workers are retained as skilled workers for the region.


Funding is provided by Interreg Deutschland - Nederland.