Travelling War Memories

National and Global Dynamics of Japanese WWII Sites since 1945
1 September 2018 until 1 September 2023
Project member(s)
A. Mochida (Aomi)
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In this project, Aomi Mochida explores the interplay of remembering and forgetting surrounding WWII sites in Japan with connections to wartime Japanese perpetration. Her case studies include the Urakami Prison ruins in Nagasaki and the ill-famed wartime science institute in Noborito. They were both sites that contributed to Imperial Japan’s wartime perpetration in Asia. Both of these sites ‘disappeared’ from local memory after the war, only to ‘re-appear’ in the local public discussion in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The project scrutinizes this process of forgetting and remembering the war-related memories of these sites.


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