Ongezond eten versus gezond eten
Ongezond eten versus gezond eten

Unhealthy eating in young adults

Interventions targeting automatic processes to reduce unhealthy eating
  1. Investigating the longitudinal association between stress and unhealthy eating behaviors, and examining whether physical activity and BMI moderate this association. We will use two waves of longitudinal data from the 'Healthy Student Life' project to address these research questions.
  2. Examining the effects of two large Randomized Controlled Trials on reducing food cravings. The process of automatic response to food cues is considered to be one of the risk factors in unhealthy eating behavior. Intervention strategies that focus on underlying automatic processes (habits, impulses, stress reactions) appear to have a more profound effect on behavior change than traditional educational strategies. Hence, this project focuses on the effects of two interventions that target the automatic processes of unhealthy eating in young people. Furthermore, we will explore the intervention mechanisms through a neuropsychological perspective to better understand how interventions work.

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